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For the past forty years, the Swiss Society of the Kansai has stimulated the community life of Swiss and Swiss-loving people in Western Japan!

For many Swiss expats in Japan, living and working in the Archipelago is a dream come true or a fortunate twist of fate. However, homesickness can sometimes hide around the corner. In that case, Swiss citizens residing in the Kansai region can always count on the Swiss Society of the Kansai (SSOK) and its vibrant community to cheer them up.

The founders of the Society in 1979 (©Swiss Society of the Kansai)

The SSOK is a non-political, non-profit organization created on June 8, 1979 by an informal grouping which had been organizing an annual Swiss National Day celebration in the Kobe area. A total of 47 people, including Hans Schärer, Honorary Consul of Switzerland in Osaka (1977-1984), were present at the founding meeting. Five years later, a similar club was created in Tokyo.

A Swiss Christmas Party in the Kansai! (©Swiss Society of the Kansai)

The purpose of the Society is to promote Swiss tradition and culture, exchanges, and understanding among Swiss people in the Kansai area. Its members also aims to further the relationship between Swiss nationals themselves with their homeland, particularly through the “Organization of the Swiss Abroad”, and with Japan.

Swiss traditional music is often part of the celebrations (©Swiss Society of the Kansai)

Each year, the SSOK organizes various social events for the Swiss community, such as the Swiss National Day celebration (August 1), a Christmas party, raclettes and BBQs, and an annual General Meeting. However, anyone aged 18 is welcome to join the club, as long as they have a genuine interest or attachment to Switzerland! So, will you be next to join them?

Swiss delicacies are always around the corner! (©Swiss Society of the Kansai)